Time and space for change in context

Welcome to bioconnex.de

I am Dr. Markus G. Feil, systems-psychodynamic consultant.

The reason for contacting me is usually change. Sometimes change is desired and intended, sometimes it is arising from serious crises and catastrophe in and between individuals, groups, teams and organisations. My offer is always to understand the conscious and unconscious origins of the current situation in order to be able to manage it as actively and healthily as possible, to learn and to (re)attain a vital and creative balance.

My clients are individuals in line, staff, management; consultants, practitioners, (multi-professional) teams and organisations.

In my work as a consultant I focus on the role(s) we take up in different contexts, in contrast to a therapeutic approach not on the personality. Role in a systems-psychodynamic sense can be understood and shaped as the intersection of context, system and personality.

bioconnex.de is an artificial word with which I try to bring W. R. Bion’s and D. W. Winnicott’s concepts of psychological and human life into a creative, practical dialogue. This combination sums up my psychological approach, albeit roughly, but at best succinctly.

Through my many years of working in the forensic field with perpetrators, victims and survivors of violence, I am specialized in processing very destructive events. These include actual and/or alleged verbal and/or interpersonal as well as sexual assaults. The central pre-occupation of my work is to seek to make sense about the many and various ways in which these dynamics play out individually, inter-personally, in groups, communities, organisations and in social life.